Urban Legend or Authentic Fowl?

Welcome to the online home for everything Gobblesquatch. Be sure to check out The Gobblesquatch Shop for all the latest and greatest Gobblesquatch gear! "What exactly is Gobblesquatch?" you ask. "Is it real?" you wonder. Those are questions that North American men, women and children have wondered for centuries. Take a look at the long and mysterious history on The Legend of Gobblesquatch tab.

Kent from North Bend, Oregon, writes:

"I'm sending a picture we took at Prehistoric Gardens. Me and the family had just got some pictures with the brontosaurus when we were looking at this giant statue of a bird-like dinosaur at least as big as that T-Rex out front, so just as I was about to snap my picture it does this crazy gobble thing that scared us all half to death, when I gathered my wits enough to snap the picture it was gone... I thought a dinosaur had come to life, but the nice lady in the gift shop said it must have been GOBBLESQUATCH!"

Like Kent, some claim to have seen the creature. For many, all they have to show for their encounter is the damage and disaster that Ole Gobbie left in it's wake. See pictures on the Recent Gobblesquatch Sightings tab.

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